Inspection Intel in 2021+

Inspection Companies are Getting Squeezed

In-person Inspections Are Holding You Company Back...

Does this sound familiar to your company? 

In-person inspections require time, to and from the site. They limit capacity, requiring more staff at a lower efficiency.


Post-Covid... essential or not, in-person visits will never be the same.


Travel costs are increasingand with re-inspections and rescheduling, you lose valuable income.


Margins are thin as it is.

Traveling to inspection sites (for everything) is no longer a competitive model.  Companies that rely on in-person inspection will fall behind and eventually lose. 

So Why Settle?

What if you could implement a system that increases profit margins without sacrificing customer satisfaction? 

What if you could...

Increases the number of inspections you can fit on your calendar.
Create an experience that has you first in mind for customers' next inspection.
Increase profitability by cutting travel costs and wasted time.

The Dangers of Remote Video Inspections

You might have considered remote inspection, but


It's a struggle many companies face. Here are the primary culprits: 

Generic Meeting Tools

Tools like Zoom or WebEx can be incredibly useful, but they were designed for meetings, not leading and documenting an inspection.

Single-Use Apps

Rarely does a customer want to download an app for a single inspection... it provides a terrible experience that can impact your brand.

Complex UIs

While some tools look great upfront, they require technically savvy teams and have a complex UI that frustrates customers.

You Need a System

Customer satisfaction will suffer without the right system built
exclusively for inspection teams. 

A Reliable, Easy to Use
System is in Reach

Companies breaking through the industry trends have found their system. They've adopted a video inspection platform that requires no download and is scalable, without being difficult to use. 

5 Star Remote Video Inspections

Blitzz Inspect helps teams conduct inspections remotely while increasing productivity and lowering costs.