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Save thousands in reduced sites visits
in just 30 days.

Recently a telecom company saved $15,000 in trip costs in their first 30 days, with over 90% of reps saying issues were resolved faster.

How? By using remote visual support.


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A tank inspection business reduced travel costs by 75%, while a government organization doubled efficiency across 1,500 inspectors.

How? By using remote video inspections.
Remote Video Assistance Inspection

Not every inspection or customer support issue requires an in-person site visit.

The Blitzz Success Challenge is for companies that want to test remote visual support or remote video inspections to confirm it reduces site visits and deliver a great experience.


Why you should take the Free Blitzz Success Challenge

The Blitzz Success Challenge is NOT just you and the software.

Our team works with you throughout the 30 days to show you how easily Blitzz slides into your workflow.

  • Increase customer satisfaction by offering a great remote experience.
  • Solve customer issues remotely in less time and in fewer calls.
  • Reduce in-person inspections and produce a smaller carbon footprint.

What can you expect?

Results achieved by a recent Blitzz Success Challenge participant 👉

Their customers loved it.
  • Over 90% found Blitzz easy to use
  • Over 92% would use it again
  • 78% said Blizz was "extremely helpful"
Their technicians loved it.

"This troubleshooting would be almost impossible without Blitzz!"

"Used Blitzz three times today. Two times with an 80-year old grandma. It's pretty slick! Turned a potential 30-minute call into a 15-minute call."

"Other team members are now anxious to know when Blitzz will be available for them!"

Their executive team loved it.

They saw 10X ROI in just 30 days and with only 20 of their technicians using Blitzz.

How the Blitzz Success Challenge Works

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